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Best Sellers
Bauer Nexus 3000<br>(no wheels)
Bauer Vapor X200<br>No Wheels
Bauer Nexus 3000<br>Quad Skates
Bauer Supreme 140 <br>Quad Skates
Bauer Vapor X200<br>Quad Skates
Bauer Nexus 3000<br>Flash62

Welcome to our website. We specialise in Quads. Only Quads. We’re not a sports shop. We’re not a toy shop. We don’t sell frisbees or pogo sticks. We stick to what we know and specialise in Quad Skates. We are old skool skaters and that’s what we’re passionate about the most. We’ve been selling and making skates for over 40 years which makes us “prehistoric skool”. We’ve seen trends come and go, new product re-launches and the next best thing, over and over again.

We’ve made skates for top pro skaters, celebrities, roller discos, music videos, films and art exhibitions. We are knowledgeable and honest about what we believe in. All our products are tried and tested – we don’t sell anything we wouldn’t want to use ourselves. All our products can be seen on our website here. We don't operate a retail premises – all sales are mail order and we prefer to keep it that way, offering you the best value for money. If you have any questions, feel free to call, email, text or write to us. Steve, Jo and Lee.