Airwave USA & Bearings Special Offer

Choose your preferred bearing and save £££'s with our Wheels and Bearings Special Offer packs - fully fitted and ready to roll

Airwave USA + Your Choice of Bearing + Set of 8mm Spacers

These are excellent all round wheels for indoor, Roller Disco and outdoor skating. As these wheels are 65mm diameter, larger than most quad wheels available on the market, they make Street Skating a pleasure to roll over most surfaces. These wheels are soft, durable and available in a wide range of colours.

WHEEL SPECS: 65mm diameter wheels with 78a polyurethane hardness rating.

Available in various colours

Price is for a complete set of 8 wheels (same colour), 16 bearings, 8 spacers all fitted and ready to roll.

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Wheel & Bearing Offer

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