Airwave USA & Brites Bearings

Airwave USA & Brites Bearings

Choose your preferred bearing and save £££'s with our Wheels and Bearings Special Offer packs - fully fitted and ready to roll

Airwave USA + Brites Bearings + Set of 10mm Spacers + 5ml Bearing Lube + Brites Bearing Sticker

These are excellent all-round wheels for indoor, Roller Disco and outdoor skating. As these wheels are 65mm diameter, larger than most quad wheels available on the market, they make Street Skating a pleasure to roll over most surfaces. These wheels are soft, durable and available in a wide range of colours.

WHEEL SPECS: 65mm diameter wheels with 78a polyurethane hardness rating.

Available in various colours

OPTION: Upgrade your bearings at a huge discount

Price is for a complete set of 8 wheels (same colour), 16 bearings, 8 spacers all fitted and ready to roll.

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