Brites Bearing Lube 10ml

Brites Bearing Lube 10ml

Brites Bearing Lube has been created to offer skaters the best available lubrication at the best price, offering the best value for money.

This bearing lube has been tested to provide the best lubrication for all bearings with the lowest viscosity possible, the best thermal properties and the lowest friction based on skaters needs. This bearing works in warm and cold conditions. Suitable for all skaters including performance/speed skating.

Unlike other bearing lubricants - this is not a water-based penetration oil. It is not a bearing grease and does not require "packing" into the bearing cavity. This oil is easily dispensed into the bearing with the bearing shield removed.

Please note: When applying this bearing lube, it is highly recommended to apply ONLY TWO DROPS PER BEARING. A little goes a long way! Please - be warned - If you add too much bearing lube, this may slow your skating performance and leak from your bearings, making things very slippery for other skaters! We recommend using only 2 drops per bearing.

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