Brites Bearing Press

Brites Bearing Press

This bearing press offers skaters the ability to install and remove bearings with ease. Suitable for 608 bearings (8mm) and 627 (7mm) bearings.

This is a particularly useful tool for installing and removing bearings from hard wheel using the built in bearing extractor - using this tool with have less wear and tear on your bearings and less likely to fatigue or warp nylon or aluminium hubs when installing or removing bearings by keeping the wheel aligned, the bearing can be inserted and removed with less stress on the wheel.

There's loads of reasons a bearing press can help you, your team and speed up bearing replacement time and prolong the lifespan of your wheels.

Please note: this bearing extractor tool is designed for roller skate and skateboard use. If you use inline skates - please check the type of spacer and axle you have fitted. If you are using a solid one piece design, this bearing press wont be able to extract your bearing - there is no method to hook a bearing onto the bearing extractor tool.

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