Brites Rink Ratz & Brites Bearings

Brites Rink Ratz & Brites Bearings

Choose your preferred bearing and save £££'s with our Wheels and Bearings Special Offer packs - fully fitted and ready to roll

Brites Rink Ratz + Brites Bearings + Set of 10mm Spacers + 5ml Bearing Lube + Brites Bearing Sticker

Brand new to the Deals on Wheels line up, these wheels offer smoothness and comfort for all indoor and outdoor skating with super soft and hard-wearing with a nylon-reinforced core - offering a smooth 78a, 62mm ride, perfect for Street Skating, Jam Dance, Roller Hockey and all forms of skating.

Select from Black, Clear Red, Clear Blue, Clear Purple, Clear, Clear Orange, Clear Pink, Clear Yellow - Mix and match colours - select all the same colours or 4+4.

OPTION: Upgrade your bearings at a huge discount

Price is for a complete set of 8 wheels, 16 bearings, 8 spacers all fitted and ready to roll.

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