Skate Plates

New for 2021, Brites Skates Platez offer skaters the best features of different skate plates in one product. These plates are easily retro fitted to all Playmaker and Pro8 plates, without the need to drill new holes.

Brites Skate Platez is the only skate place allowing skaters to custom design your perfect colour combination ranging from standard black all the way through to multiple colour options for each of the 5 key plate components (plate, truck, bushing, toe-stop and pivot cup).


The skate plate comprises the following components. It is possible to create up to 252 colour combinations - so pick your colour selection carefully!

  1. Skate Plate (available in 10 colours)
  2. 8-mm Truck (available in 10 colours)
  3. Standard Bushings (available in 10 colours)
  4. Pivot Cup (available in 10 colours)  
  5. Toe Stop or Skate Plug (available in 10 colours)