Radar Energy 57mm & Brites Bearings

Radar Energy 57mm & Brites Bearings

RADAR ENERGY 57mm WHEELS & BRITES BEARINGS (set of 8 wheels and bearings)

We LOVE these wheels.

With a perfect street/indoor skating compound (78a) and dual radius wheels, this is the best solution for all your skating needs in loads of colours and most importantly, one of the best wheels on the market today.

The RadarEnergy wheels features the finest outdoor urethane material available for performance outdoor skating. The soft material glides smoothly over rough spots and bits of debris on trails. Energy outdoor urethane has lots of rebound, so the wheels are responsive.


  • 57mm x 32mm wheel with urethane micro hub, 78a urethane, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Complete with Brites Bearings


Upgrade your bearings to save ££'s

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